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Outsource Accounting:

Business related accounting requires an experienced team of accountants who keeps updated knowledge about changing tax laws, Accounting Standards, etc. Our experienced accountants supervised by qualified Chartered Accountants can manage your complete day-to-day accounting matters On-site or Off-site under Outsourcing model for:

    1. Accounting data entry in software
    2. Maintaining Bank Book
    3. Reconciliation of Bank Accounts
    4. Preparation of payment vouchers
    5.  Preparation of receipts
    6. Preparation of Invoices
    7. Maintenance of Books and Records in soft copy and hard copy
    8. Tax compliances for vendors and customers in invoices
    9. Scrutiny of invoices from vendors
    10. Audit co-ordination for books of accounts
    11. Debtors and Vendors controls
    12. Suggestions for internal financial controls and systems
    13. MIS to Management for Budget variance
    14. Annual Budget actions in co-ordination with Finance Team

Outsource Tax Compliance’s:

Our team of accountants under supervision of tax experts can manage complete compliances of your Tax (Direct Tax or Indirect Tax) matters related

    1. Day-to-day tax levies, withholding tax in Invoices to vendors, customers
    2. Monthly tax calculation and set-off
    3. Monthly tax payments
    4. Periodical returns
    5. Reply to notices
    6. Management of records
    7. Co-ordination for Tax Audits
    8. Annual Tax filings
    9. Attending hearings
    10. Scrutiny matters co-ordination
    11. Withholding Tax / TDS on payments to vendors
    12. TDS on payroll

Outsource Audit Services:

Companies in India need to attend to various audits depending upon size, business type, transactions with foreign person etc. These audits could be:

    1. Annual Statutory Audit (compulsory for all companies)
    2. Tax Audit (based on turnover)
    3. VAT Audit (for sales tax related to goods)
    4. Transfer Pricing Audit (for any transaction with foreign person)
    5. Secretarial Audit (for listed entities and large business)
    6. Regulatory Audit (for few business sectors)

Payroll Outsourcing Services:

Our team of accountants and employment experts can manage your complete Payroll section for following activities under Outsourcing model whether On-site OR Off-site OR combination:

    1. Attendance records
    2. Co-ordination for new joinee / resigned employees
    3. Leave records
    4. Travel Claims
    5. Salary preparation
    6. Tax, PF deductions
    7. Payment for levies to Govt authorities
    8. Tax Deduction Certificates to employees
    9. Annual Tax Claim evidences
    10. Contract / temporary staff payments
    11. MIS to management

Legal Matters:

Each business needs day-to-day as well as event-based legal support from in-house team or law firms.

    1. Legal advise for day-to-day matters related to business, employees
    2. Drafting of contracts
    3. Vetting of Contracts
    4. Reply to Notice
    5. Issue of Notices
    6. Overall dues recovery management with litigation lawyers
    7. Litigation support as your in-house Legal Counsel / Manager
    8. Legal Research
    9. Appear before authorities
    10. MIS to Management

Hr / Employee Matters:

Our team of experienced lawyers can manage your complete HR section on Outsourcing Model to manage:

    1. Interviews & Recruitments
    2. Job offers and appointment letters
    3. Drafting of all HR contracts, Policies
    4. Legal matters related to Employees

Licenses / Approvals:

    1. Shop & Establishment License
    2. Factory License
    3. Labour Welfare Fund
    4. Fire License
    5. Business Specific License like for Hotel, Hospital, Finance Advisor, ISP / Telecom
    6. Pollution Control approvals

Company Law Matters:

Our team of experience company secretary can advise and assist you for day-to-day, event based and annual compliances related to company laws like:

    1. Day-to-day advisory and updates
    2. Compliance for routine matters related to change in Share Capital or Directors
    3. Maintaining Registers
    4. Maintaining Minutes Books
    5. Board Meeting related compliances
    6. Drafting and vetting of resolution other documents
    7. Filing of forms and returns with Company Registry
    8. Event based approvals from authorities
    9. Charge creation for borrowings
    10. Co-ordination for annual audit
    11. Drafting of Board’s Report and Annual Report
    12. Holding of Annual General Meeting
    13. Annual Filings with Registry
    14. MIS to Management

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